header-iconpopquiz-answers Icon Pop Quiz is certainly one of the most interesting apps for Android and iOS, but there is nothing more annoying and frustrating than getting stuck at certain levels. Oh, the feeling is quite familiar, but that's why we're here to help you. We provide thorough walkthroughs and answers for each icon and level- for free, of course! No longer you have to lose nerves and points on those damn icons that just don't ring a bell. A quick browse through our site and all your guessing troubles will disappear!

In case you're new to this awesome new app Icon Pop Quiz, here are some things you need to know. Icon Pop Quiz is an app available on Android Market (for android versions 2.2 and higher) and on Apple's App Store-for free. You know those logo quiz apps that have been quite popular recently? Admit it, you played one of those on your smartphone! Well this one is a (superbly) modified version of those. Though idea is the same, Icon Pop Quiz is 100% original on all other elements. Here's why. Logo quiz apps feature the same logos (some have more, some less), and only difference between them is the user interface.

But Icon Pop Quiz takes guessing to a whole new level- instead of guessing logos you guess famous people based on icons. Those icons are quite simple, neat, cleverly made, and yet give you enough information to guess which celebrity is it. Less tries it takes you to guess, better score you will get (maximum is 100 per icon from first try). You need to be careful with those points, because you will need them to get to higher, more difficult levels. This is again, the whole point of our website-to help you get rid of icons you can't guess on your own. Then again, if you really set your mind to finish the game with minimum help from others, but not sure about answers, Icon Pop Quiz got you covered.

The app offers 4 features to help you get through levels, with the use of your aforementioned points (actually 5 features, but 5th is for asking help from friends):

  • Hints- Get more information about the character you are guessing; 200 points.
  • Eliminate Keys- App “shuts off“all of the letters on your phone's keyboard that are not needed to guess the name; Price is 300 points.
  • Open Letters- Reveal some letters of the answer; Price is 400 points.
  • Resolve- If you give up guessing, but still anxious to find out the answer, then use this feature as a last resort; Price is 2000 points.
  • Ask a friend- This is the final feature to help you get pass icons. Basically you just use the app to post on your Facebook/Twitter profile asking help from friends. Naturally it doesn’t cost anything, since this is a great marketing trick from app developers (you intentionally spread the app's name to hundreds of people).

  • Enough of this jibber jabbers! Head over to Android Play Store or Apple Appstore and download it! If you need Icon Pop Quiz Answers without losing precious points, you can find them here for free at your service!

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